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Amazing People stories are different…



What is a BioView®?


Imagine meeting amazing people like William Shakespeare, the world’s most famous playwright, or Dr Marie Curie, the only woman to be awarded two Nobel Prizes for science. Dr Margerison’s approach to storytelling is different. He explores what these amazing people would say about their lives by looking at what influenced and motivated them. This can help us understand how they achieved so much, in such a short time.


Each story in the Amazing People Library is presented as a BioView, a new genre of storytelling that combines interview with biography to offer new insights on how and why amazing people did what they did. These stories are written in the first person, offering a unique personal and engaging connection to readers.


How are BioViews written?

This digital library has been developed over the last 10 years. Dr Margerison has travelled the world, researching the lives of these inspirational characters. As he points out, these Amazing People stories are written in large part by the original person through articles, notes and letters they wrote during their lives. Mozart, for example, was a prolific writer about his own life. Shakespeare, in contrast, did not write directly about his own life but his writings provide us with a keen insight into his thought process, his surroundings and contemporaries.

It is possible to combine historical fact, events and quotes to form a fascinating story of each character. This is what makes this kind of storytelling unique and accessible.


How are BioViews researched?


As a Chartered Psychologist, Dr Margerion’s work has ranged from writing from the road, research in schools, to working with executives in major organizations on performance improvement These experiences have formed an integral part of his interpretation of the life and work of amazing people. As Dr Margerison says:


Psychology is a language to help us understand people's motivations and behaviors. Amazing People developed their own special language in the fields of Science, Math, Music, Engineering, and other topics. My writings capture both the personal contribution and the spirit of amazing people. The stories that I write are always factual but the interpretations that I make are part of the creative expression, as in all literature.”


He works with a global team of dedicated editors and researchers to create these unique stories.


How can BioViews be used?


Amazing People stories can help patrons of all ages understand how they can do more with their time. They are also an important educational tool for reluctant readers, as well as an invaluable source of information and inspiration. These stories can be used by students looking for assistance with homework and assignments. Similarly librarians and educators can use them to kick-start novel programs and discussions.


Dr Margerison encourages readers of Amazing People stories to write their own BioViews about people they find inspirational. Here are some ideas on where you might start:



  • Research/visit where possible, the home or working town of the person


  • Request reading materials based on your subject, from your local librarian


  • Explore original sources; letters, wills, novels, poems, diaries, etc.


  • Explore the stories of the amazing people when you travel


  • Research the stories of the amazing people behind historical buildings, statues, artwork or books


We can all learn how to improve our own performance from the achievements of amazing people”  Dr Charles Margerison