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Welcome to Amazing People Library. This digital story collection from Amazing People Worldwide offers hundreds of inspirational stories about the world’s most amazing people, from Shakespeare to Coco Chanel, Michelangelo to Louis Armstrong. The books are organized into categories including artists, scientists, politicians, musicians, inventors, activists, philosophers, doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs, which makes it easy to locate interesting and relevant content. Told in the first person, each eBook is also enhanced with a dramatized audio adaptation.


The library is fully searchable and features a range of tools that support learning.


Amazing People Worldwide is a global organization that helps individuals, learning organizations and businesses achieve their full potential. Amazing People stories are enjoyed by lifelong learners, students, people in business and educators. For further information visit



'Short and concise... easy reading and hard- working.' Karen Sullivan, SecEd.


'Thorough, informative and fascinating... all in a neat little package.' Cindy Taylor, All Books Review International


An invaluable stimulus to create dialogue and debate in schools.’ Dave Jones, Pearson Headteacher